About Us

Our family business operates on good principles and hard work, with determination to provide our customers with exactly what they want. Our professionalism and expertise will save you time and money.

J.M. Reid Construction always meets or exceeds codes to provide you with a safe structure. We pride ourselves on being flexible, listening to and working with clients in order to ensure that the plans or ideas that they have become a custom built reality. Beginning with your vision, we will work closely with you to manage every aspect of the construction needs you might have, no matter how large or small the project.

Residential: All of our homes are custom built. We use only quality products and materials. Most of our subcontractors are also family owned businesses and have been loyal to our company for 20+ years. Using the same team of material suppliers and  subcontractors makes for a more enjoyable building experience.

Remodel/repair: Whether it be an addition or a repair to unfortunate damage, we use the same philosophy as with new construction. We are very flexible and try to make your living accommodations as comfortable as possible while your home is under construction.

Commercial/Metal buildings: We have over 25 years of metal building experience. We offer Metallic Building Company of Houston Texas as our distributor. We also bid a wide range of storage and mini storage systems.

J.M. Reid Construction has been doing business with some of the same talented sub-contractors for 20 years. These sub-contractors display the same integrity and high work ethics that we do. This is a great benefit to our customers and everyone else involved in the construction process because it allows for continuous work flow.  High quality construction standards and timeliness are always delivered by all of our subs. The working relationship is professional, allowing for consistent and dynamic attention to detail using state of the art materials. This team concept is successful, as evidenced by our customer satisfaction.

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